Monday, May 18, 2009

Mothers Day on the Caorlina

Wow,  what a day.  We took the 32ft. Caorlina out with the mothers, sisters, sons and daughters and actually anchored at the split in the Naples and Rivo Alto canal on the Isle of Naples.   The Gondola was set up with its floating kitchen with the Table set for 8.  I started the meal with an antipasto platter followed by the locally famous gondolinos and summer salad.  Next on the grill came 2 huge trout fresh from Mammoth lakes where I grilled them "Riviera" style along with some sweet and some spicy homemade Italian sausage.  The spicy was of course the "deathbed" recipe, one I cannot divulge.  As the smoke and steam rose above the Gondola we were surrounded by kayaks, duffy's, swimmers and residents on their docks.  What a scene, maybe nowhere else in the world.  Only in So Cal, only in the canals of Naples, only at the Gondola Getaway.  Oh ya,  plenty of Prosecco, Chianti and the superb white from Cinque Terre.  A bit of Moretti along the way too.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Vogalonga number 24

Bona Sera Gondoliere,

We are prepping for our 24th Vogalonga in Venezia, Italia.  As the first Americans to row in this event and the only continuing American entry we are most excited to participate once again.  Since the start up of our operation over 28 years ago, we have been blessed with the ability to participate in such an amazing event each year.  Our reasons for going every year are two fold.  First and foremost we have enjoyed taking our gondoliers to Venezia each year to share the history of Gondolas in their natural setting.  We have learned so much in our 25 years of traveling to Venezia that it is a blessing to share with our local gondoliers.  We have trained over 300 gondoliers how to row the Venetian style and taken over 75 to Venezia to participate in the event.
Our heart of authenticity is unrivaled and the canals and lagoons of our operation are unmatched.  Come down to the our enchanting canals in Naples, Long Beach and see why this is the premier location for a romantic interlude on a gondola.  We have the largest fleet of Gondolas in America with the ability to produce romantic cruises, weddings, dinner cruises, pizza cruises and wine tastings.  We are well connected with the best in Italian catering and even have access to London Double-Decker buses for amazing "Orient Express" packages.

Please return to this blog often for this is only the introduction of this Gondola informational site